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We are human. We have stories.

Stories help us to adapt and to connect.

"There was a moment when we had words and language, when we were able to express ourselves in more than sounds, symbols, artefacts and drawings. That moment we started to explain the world around us, our personal lives and our lives within communities and society in general.

Stories play an important role in the development of cognition, social skills, meaning- and sensemaking and thus understanding. Stories engage, make curious, ignite empathy and connect.


This is why I believe that narratives and stories, and narrative approaches and methods are  indispensable and widely applicable in many fields in society today:

in education, in change and/or transformations of communities and organisations, in health care and in public services. Working with stories can contribute to cohesion and resilience, to planning strategies and concrete actions for the future and to commitment to these actions." - Peter Frühmann

At Storybag we are proud to be a member of a worldwide network of story practitioners and researchers who encourage and inspire us on a daily basis and keep our fire burning and our knowledge growing.

We are happy to pass it on to clients and to projects we're involved in.

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