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MAY 2023:

End Conference INGAME Thessaloniki, Greece

Peter Frühmann (Storybag and ZB&V) had been the author/writer of the serious game scenario, which had been tested successfully on different audiences (secondary schools and universities) in the partner countries.

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MAY 2023

End conference of the STEAM project in Istanbul

We could conclude an inspiring project where school communities in Spain and Turkey had worked successfully with a narrative approach in STEM education, adding the A(Art) of Storytelling to research and problem solving. The students testified that STEM became more attractive and fun when you're the hero in the research, problem solving and design  'story'.  




20 JUNE 2023

VOICES Transnational Project Meeting Istanbul

Attending a harmonious project meeting in Istanbul with the partners in the Erasmus+ VOICES project. We shared the outcomes of the pilots and decided the following steps, for instance thee multiplier events in all partner countries, where we will try to disseminate this project further.


VOICES Ebrief 4 (Dutch)



17 - 19 OCTOBER 2023 TGAL

3-day intensive training 'Storytelling and Narrative approaches in Diversity and Inclusion Management'

Storybag organized and facilitated this training in Hilversum, The Netherlands. 16 еxperts from the 8 European project partner countries took part in the Learning, Teaching, Training Activity (LTTA), focused on diversity and inclusion management in SMEs.participants from various backgrounds explored different case studies on micro-aggressions in the workplace, ageism, racism, etc. through interactive sessions and facilitated role-plays - these are also some of the highlights in the TGAL Storytelling Toolkit and the TGAL Diversity management train-the trainer program.




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