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Storybag has joined the Erasmus+ project 'Think Global Act Local'

Diversity Management in SMEs (supported by applied storytelling)


29 NOVEMBER 2022

VOICES - The Vienna Meeting

The competency roadmap we had developed served as a framework for developing a set of guiding resources/activities to improve the competencies of professionals (and ultimately their target groups) on these competences: information management for gender mainstreaming, problem solving for gender inequality, gender inclusive communication, cooperation, adaptability and flexibility, entrepreneurship, civic competences, and digital competences.

Furthermore, we talked about the development of MOOCs for the target audiences, and guidelines and initial content were presented for discussion.


VOICES Ebrief 1 (Dutch)


Storybag has joined the Erasmus+ project VOICES

'VOICES: empowering women for equal participation and driving change' 

is a project that will focus on bridging the gender gap to promote women's participation in all areas of public and private life. 

To achieve this goal, girls and women and professionals working for or with them will be provided with a range of gender-based learning resources designed to promote equality, encourage participation and develop strategies to address gender gaps.

PRESS RELEASE February 2022 (in Dutch)

APRIL 2020:

Peter Frühmann (Storybag and ZB&V) has joined the  INGAME PROJECT

Gaming for Social Inclusion and Civic Participation

A Holistic Approach For a Cultural Shift in Education and Policy

Visit the project website


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