Peter Frühmann

Stories to fuel transformation and innovation


The philosopher Aristotle once seems to have said: "We are a bag of skin filled with stories..."


I believe that

sharing stories and working with stories in communities and thus also in organisations leads to an inspiring dialogue between leaders, employees, customers and stakeholders and contributes to cooperation, co-creation,  flexibility, resilience,  sustainability and feasible objectives.

Sharing stories and working with stories and narrative techniques in health care fosters a revealing and effective dialogue between doctors, patients, nurses and other health care professionals and contributes to a more effective and cost-efficient treatment.


Working with stories In education leads to understanding and respecting  the stories of others, to a powerful impulse for the (personal) development of social and critical literacy, language skills and increased (educator's) competences for an inspiring and  memorable transfer of knowledge.


This is what others discovered about the power of working with stories >


There are people. There are stories. Stories help us to adapt and to connect.

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