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De eerste nieuwsbrief van het Erasmus+ StoryTeller project. Download hem hier!


Ons partnership heeft  een research-compendium gepubliceerd dat je via de nieuwsbrief maar ook op de project-website kunt downloaden.

Inmiddels zijn wij ook gestart met de ontwikkeling van een cursusprogramma. De cursus-pilot zal in het voorjaar in Noord-Ierland worden gegeven. We houden je op de hoogte.


Final session RSRC project with AdA (Arbeidsfit door Adoptie), The Hague / Zoetermeer


AdA is an organization of unemployed 50+ in the region of The Hague. Members of the organization had been present during our first national seminar in Zoetermeer. After the presentation of our project they became interested and agreed to work within the RSRC project on their stories (and future) for the next months.


8 March we had our final session (a total of 6 sessions, from  December 2015 to March 2016). During this period we had worked with different narrative approaches and methods, e.g. personal stories, story circles, interviews, twice told stories, Tree of Life, witnessing, and crafting future stories.



After this last session all participants concluded that they have changed during the project towards a positive attitude, a better perception of their current and future situation and that reflecting on their stories and the stories of others had not only helped them personally but also had strengthened the relationships within the group. They realized that it had had a strong effect on collaboration and helping the other with his/her story. Working together to get a clear picture of a future story of the individual (with some surprising stories of new entrepreneurship) and telling these stories was an exhilarating finale.



They would like to continue that collaboration and also change their organizational meetings into more fruitful story circles. In the end we all  decided to have a reunion in six months to exchange what had happened with their stories. I see “We will miss these sessions” as a clear compliment to our project.


I will miss these warm and brave people, too.

There are people. There are stories. Stories help us to adapt and to connect.